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Codes and Fees


D1110 Prophylaxis-Adult 123.00
D0120 Periocic Oral Evaluation 72.00
D0230 Intraoral-Periapical Image Each Additonal 32.00
D0220 Intraoral-Periapical Image 38.00
D1206 Topical Application Fluoride Varnish 49.00
D0140 Limited Oral Evaluation 94.00
D2391 Resin Composite One Surface,Posterior 222.00
D2392 Resin Composite Two Surface, Posterior 315.00
D2740 Crown-Poercelain/Ceramic 1856.00
D7210 Extract, Single Erupted Tooth 352.00
D2950 Core Buildup, Including Any Pins 352.00
D2954 Prefabricated Post/Core in Addition to Crown 461.00
D9230 Analgesia-Inhale of Nitrous Oxide 158.00
D2330 Resin-One Surface, Anterior Tooth Filling 198.00
D1001 Clinpro Flouride 5000 29.00