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Complex Case: case 3


Complex cases are those special cases that involve numerous procedures. These procedures usually involve oral and periodontal surgery, endodontic therapy or root canals, and advance crown and bridge techniques.

The start of two new crowns.

The patient has fractured the upper left cental incisor. Both upper cental incisors were restored years ago with porcelain veneers. The patient wants to have more attractive cental incisors. She would like the shade to match the other teeth and the crowns to be longer.

The initial prepping of the teeth. The old porcelain veneers were removed and the teeth were prepped for crowns.

Surgical lengthening of the teeth. The initial temporaries have been placed. Surgical flaps were made. Approximately 2mm of alveolar bone was removed.

The flaps have been repositioned and sutured. The gingival tissue has been moved up exposing more of the tooth. This procedure is called crown lengthening.

One week healing. The sutures will be removed today. Notice the 2mm of newly exposed root. The new crowns will extend on to this newly exposed root and be longer in lengthen to match the adjacent teeth.

Four weeks of healing. The gingiva is healing and maturing.

New temporary crowns have been placed. The second set of temporaries will guide the final maturation of the gingival tissue. The patient will wear these for 6-8 weeks before the final impression is taken.

The final crowns.