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Root Canal Therapy: Case 1

Initial radiograph of upper right central incisor. This tooth is abscessed, notice the area at the tip of the root.

The canal is explored with a small file and the length determined. The length is verified both electronically and from the radiograph. Next the canal is shaped and cleaned.

The canal is obturated with gutta percha. Gutta percha, a natural rubber material is used to fill and seal the canal. Gutta percha is very biocompatible.

A 3M ESPE Rely X Fiber Post is placed in the canal. Gutta percha is removed from the canal to make space for the post. 4-6 mm of gutta percha is left at tip of the root to seal the apex.

The final crown is cemented into place. This is a CAD/CAM Zirconium crown made in a local dental laboratory.